Bride's Story: This is the section where the Bride can speak about herself, her wedding plans, her Groom to be, and so forth. One picture is typically used in this section to showcase the Bride-to-be.

Groom's Story: This section is where the Groom can speak about himself, his feelings about his Bride to be, and the wedding plans. One picture is typically used in this section to showcase the Groom-to-be.

Our Story: This section is usually written by both the Bride and the Groom and describes (in detail) how they met, their courtship, and the marriage proposal.

Wedding Party Section: This section lists the members of the wedding party, including Maid/Matron of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ring Bearer, Flower Girl, Ushers & Hostesses. Names (along with a photo of each person) can be added of the Bridal Party serction if you'd prefer. You may also add how you met or know this person and why they were chosen.

Parents Section: This is the area where you and your fiancé / fiancée can introduce your parents to your visitors, even if they already know them.

Bridal Registry: This section lists the stores where you are registered and the exact online links to each store (i.e. Macy's, Nordstrom’s, Bed Bath & Beyond...) can be given. However, this section can also be reserved for the "Wishing Well" poem that asks for a money donation as opposed to physical gifts.

Ceremony & Reception Section: This is the section where you discuss where you're holding the ceremony and the reception at, along with directions (if needed) to both locations.

Honeymoon Section: This section is for you to describe the honeymoon destination you decided on. Pictures of the beautiful location can be added to this section as well.

Photo Album/Gallery: This is the section where we add pictures for a mini photo gallery. Most clients opt to add engagement, bridal photos, and random fun pictures to this section.

Wedding Announcements: This section is used to inform the wedding party members of any upcoming events that may be of interest to them or that is significantly important.

"Thank You" Section: This is where you can address all the people you would like to thank, i.e. your parents, family, friends, etc.

Music/Videos: This section will house 4 - 5 music selections (or more if your purchased additional space) that can be added to your site for your visitors' listening pleasure, while they peruse your site.

R.S.V.P.: This is where guests can choose between RSVPing via your website (by way of a form, sample: HERE) or through a designated e-mail address.

Wedding Schedule: Why not give your guests a calendar of events, so that they may schedule for upcoming events pertaining to the wedding; such as dinner parties, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, etc.

"Contact Us" Section: This is a sections where people can contact you through your website, without you having to give them a specific e-mail address to use. It's a pre-made form for them to fill out (sample: HERE).


Bride/Groom Blog: This section can be used to keep your family and friends posted in the days leading up to, and following, the wedding.

Guestbook: This is a section where people can leave personal commentary about your website. The difference between the guestbook and the contact section is that pther guests can read other people's comments about your site, when you have a guestbook.

E-Cards: These are "E-mail Blasts" that the Bride & Groom can send out to their friends and families. E-cards can be designed to promote information about the wedding, as a printable wedding favor for the guests, or as a Save-The-Date memory card for the guests as well. There is no limit to what E-cards can be, however, it is imperative that the Bride & Groom have the correct e-mail addresses for those who are receiving it; and these addresses must be provided in a WORD™ or .PDF format to your "Love-Knot" Specialist in a timely manner.

E-Invites: These are much the same as the "E-Cards" information listed above, however, "E-Invites" are strictly designed as Invitations that are sent via E-mail over the Internet. "E-Invites" are quickly becoming all the rage, because it takes less time to create and can be sent out immediately, without having to wait for delivery and pick up at the invitation Store. This is also as option for those who want something more cost efficient, if they have a large amount of invitations to send out. Think about, you cut back on Postage (for the outer envelope and the RSVP envelope), Addressing, Stamping, Stuffing, Sealing, etc. Less work, less headache, but a great design that your family and friends are sure to enjoy. It is imperative that the Bride & Groom have the correct e-mail addresses for those who are receiving E-Invites, and the e-mail addresses must be provided in a WORD™ or .PDF format (horizontally & vertically, NO SPREADSHEETS) to your "Love-Knot" Specialist in a timely manner.

Polls/Quizzes: These are just little extra added features for the site that your guests may enjoy. For instance, you can poll them on a certain invitation you may like, or perhaps quiz their knowledge about specifics about yourself, your stories, etc.

Wedding Commemorated CD - We will place all of your website templates onto a CD-ROM so that you will always have access to your site. Think about it, you can forever replay the moments of your wedding planning stages forever...